The Weeks Pick – Instrumental Decoration

Instruments are beautiful and often expensive things. Obviously made to make beautiful music with but sometimes whether due to being broken or just looking freaking amazing they become more decorative objects than musical.  Kind of moving on from the home with a grand Piano that no one can play, instruments (and there cases) can be highly decorative and can also be re-purposed into different things.

We have had a few decorative instruments in the past and have a few in at the minute but these Double Base cases really spurred me on to write this. They are for transporting the double base, the are huge heavy and cumbersome but they look great. Yes you need a bit of space, I  suppose you could double them up and store things in them, but really it just looks nice.

Double Base Case

Occasionally we have bought instruments that people have bought to use which has been really great! From trumpets to Tuba’s and to more recently this fantastic Ebonised Harmonium. Which made me feel immediately like a member of Arcade Fire even if I couldn’t move, look at all comfortable or really play anything on it.

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The Weeks Pick – Workbench Style

workbenchRight I have decided I need to do some weekly feature on the blog to help make it more manageable and keep me focused.  “The Weeks Pick” will feature one of our favourite new piece’s from our store Dig Haüshizzle. We will also show many styling ideas and in a inspiration/moodboard fashion will show how such a piece can work in different settings and maybe even have different uses.

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Interior Inspirations – 23 spaces all about the Green!

House Plants

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 17.02.59This is not something I claim to be an expert at. I am a beginner and it has gone wrong a few times  but I can help but keep feeling our home or the shop for that matter just needs a few more plants!  Im sat writing this in the store with 15 plants I can see from the desk and still thinking just a few more.  I do love an abundance of plants anyway but I find  they really help to bring out all the colours in our pieces. Dark old wood against bright fresh green really lifts pieces and gives them extra life. I use them all over our flat but didn’t notice until recently spending three days photographing the flat with the wonderful photographer Matt Sommerville how each photo really was lifted by the plants. Matt already with a hefty few plants of his own kept pointing this out to me in the photos and we ended up bringing in a fair few more. I know I am slow on the uptake, I think its because I finally have a few house plants that I have kept a live for a few years, even though our actual garden advances are slow. Our interiors style is pretty dark and generally a bit muted, from dark worn ebonised wood to tarnished silver plating.  Although all together it looks balanced the splashes of green really helps to give it all a much stronger look.

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Merch Not Models

We have wanted to get some cotton bags for the store for a while now. Mainly because we wanted some ourselves and it would just be awesome to see some people with them. After a bit of a refund from the council from overpaying our rates it meant we could do something not totally necessary. So we have some.

The bags are £5 and are available here .


Catching Up and Changing up

IMG_4517So yes things have been a little quite on the blog front. We have been busy and its kind of taken a sideline as these things do. However actually enjoying writing it and having lots of ideas means we have given it a bit of a new look that should hopefully be easier to navigate will have more to see and will be in a separate style to main Dig Haüshizzle website. Also I think this new look makes the thought for us of writing blog posts a little less daunting. So here we go this is the Haüshizzle blog. Sister to the Dig Haüshizzle store. If there is ever any questions or anything you would like to see from us just let us know.

So what has been going on in the mean time?

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Dig Haüshizzle on the road – The 2015 Bath Decorative Antique Fair

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So last week we made it to our first fair. We have been to fairs before buying and love to especially visit the Battersea Decorative Antique Fair. Although Bath is on our doorstep we had never actually been to the fair even as a buyer. So we really had no idea what to expect or really how everything works. Being massive planners we planned our stand weeks before hand and I ended up with a main worry about the floor. We like everything dark but thought a dark floor may take away from our pieces. Obviously a wood floor would look great but were on a bit of a tight budget. So came up with a very very time consuming plan that we didnt really know would work but would save the purse strings a little but would raid the penny jars. Edd and I spent hours sticking individual pennys to metre square MDF boards then grouting and varnishing them. It gave us some pretty reflective copper boards that reflecting our lighting nicely. We only had four penny casualties and soon stuck them back on, so we have those for every fair now on just not looking for bigger than a 3m x 2m stand for a while!

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Taxidermy Course and Demonstration by Kim Zoe Wagner

So the dust has settled on our first weekend of taxidermy courses held within the Dig Haüshizzle store. We’ve had an absolute blast and made a few friends along the way. Firstly meeting Kim for the first time on Saturday evening couldn’t have gone better she was instantly on Cassie and I wave length and didn’t mind mucking in clearing the shop out to accomatate the 25 people due in a few hours for the Taxidermy demo evening.

taxi54Kim did an engaging demonstration on a magpie and with the Gin & Tonics flowing for our guests the two and a half hours flew by. I was intrigued by the talk and at one point thought there was no way this wet piece of skin and feathers was ever going to resemble a bird ever again. The demo was as informal as possible which allowed people to move around and come up to the desk to take a closer look, their were questions and notes taken throughout and I think there were quite a few people ready to give it a try themselves. Kim has lernt her trade from some of the best taxidermists currently working in the UK, George Jamieson and artist Polly Morgan. This high skill set shone through and the end piece was beautiful and passed around for everybody to see.


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An Inspiring lesson in Collections and Display // House Tour


sarah38I first met Sarah not long after we opened our store and we got on straight away. Sarah was very complimenting of the store and was a real encouragement when we opened.  We have hugely similar taste which often leads to Sarah making a purchase in the store, most likely of one of my
sarah8favourite pieces. Edd delievered a piece to Sarah one day in her flat in Totterdown and came back really excited, telling me very intensly how much I had to see this place and how much I would love it. It sounded like a dark Alladins cave full of treasure but not in a sparkly kind of way. More of a fantastic collection of oddities and curios. I have always known since then I would love Sarah’s home, from what she bought in store and her tales of things bought from else where as well as pieces found and re-modeled.  I asked her to do a house tour without even having a look myself. As suspected when I finally got there this was no ordinary home, this is a reflection of Sarah’s creativity and an extension to her work that is ever expanding.


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Dig Haüshizzle presents – Its First Taxidermy course and demonstration evening.

At Dig Haüshizzle we will be hosting our First Taxidermy course and Demonstration evening.

This is something we have been planning to do for a while and we have so many people come into the store asking us about where to go to learn. Only knowing a few good places in London we thought we would try and bring the best of London to Bristol.

We are so freaking chuffed to have Kim Zoe Wagner taking the course and demonstration evenings. Originally born in Switzerland, but now living and working in London as a Taxidermist since 2009. Kim was taught by Polly Morgan and George Jamieson, Kim has worked on a variety of Specimens from canaries to a baby giraffe for various clients including Pam Hogg, Lily Cole and Derren Brown.

The animals Kim uses have not been killed for the purpose of Taxidermy


“Kim is simply the only young taxidermist I know who has learned her craft the proper way; through years of hard graft and patience. She is in a different league to the new generation of taxidermy teachers. I would urge anyone who is serious about doing taxidermy well to leap at the chance to learn from her; she is in it for the long haul”  – Polly Morgan

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